Integrity, transparency, & a wholesome product.

100% Certified OrganicCertified Grassfed Beef.
Born and raised in the Sandhills of Nebraska, dry-aged 14 days.

We’re trying to change things.

It’s Your Cow specifically addresses the lack of access and transparency when buying wholesome beef at the grocery store or online.

How do we do it? Simple:


We raise the cattle in the Sandhills of Nebraska.


We own and operate the processing facility.


All your beef comes from one cow—your cow.

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The process is simple.

Our supply chain goes like this: From the ranch, to the butcher, to you. No Feedlots, no cold storage facilities, no contracted processors, no middle men.

Everyone who handles your beef works for us. We maintain quality control of the entire experience. We are deeply vested in your experience with us, our livelihood depends on your satisfaction.

It’s Your Choice, It’s Your Cow.

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Ready to make the choice?

Order by the 1/8 or 1/4, we’ll process and ship it as soon as possible.


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Welcome to It's Your Cow!

Jacob Wingebach
Oct 26, 2016
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