The Benefits

We take pride in providing a wholesome product that’s 100% organic.

It truly is beef in it’s purest form.

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One Rancher, One Butcher, Your Choice.

We offer you the shortest, most transparent supply chain possible. When you purchase a beef share from IYC, guess where that beef is? It’s on the ranch, on four legs being a cow. It’s certainly not in a cold storage facility, waiting for you to place an order, increasing your cost. Ordering this way does add another step in the buying process. However, we hope you agree the cost savings and environmental impact outweigh any inconvenience. When you purchase a share of beef from us you’re actually purchasing a share of a cow on the ranch. That’s right, It’s Your Cow!

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Join us, make a difference.

As you stare at the thousands of products at the grocery store, does it frustrate you that our food supply is controlled by a few massive corporations, some foreign owned? How about that the money you spend goes back to those same corporations, not back into your community—to the farmer, the rancher, the butcher? It frustrates us. It doesn’t have to be this way. The beef we send you comes from one cow, your cow, born and raised on the Boettcher ranch in Nebraska. The most powerful way to effect change depends on how you spend your dollar. Take back control of your food, one cow at a time. Make the commitment, be the change. It’s Your Choice, It’s Your Cow.

Cowsource your purchase!

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Do you want an even better deal? Once you make the choice, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a unique referral code to share. If any of your friends or family purchase from us using the code, we’ll take 5% off your next order. We want to ship beef. Good advertising for us, less money for you. It’s a deal.

Ready to make the choice?

Order by the 1/8 or 1/4, we’ll process and ship it as soon as possible.